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Extend Your Budget with Cost-Saving Cloud Solutions

Resource constraints can position non-profits in a continual state of needing to do more with less.

Enter Fusion Connect. Our affordable and reliable cloud-based communications and connectivity services help non-profits save on monthly technology costs, allowing you to reinvest the savings back into your programs so you can concentrate on your organization’s mission.

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secure data and communications


Securely transmit data and protect client communications. Fusion Connect puts over 20 years of security expertise to work for your non-profit.

Flexible and scalable tools


From feature-rich office phone systems to secure networks and managed WiFi, our solutions simplify the way you work while keeping your costs in check.

Simplify operations


Streamline operations with affordable cloud-based communications and connectivity services, supported by one provider nationwide.

Non-Profit Sector

YMCA Enjoys Significant Cost Savings

Switching to a cloud-based phone system allowed The Community YMCA to keep its phone numbers, and enjoy new calling features. Staff can now use their business line on their personal mobile phone.

Non-Profit YMCA Uses Fusion Hosted Voice

“With Hosted Voice, I don’t miss business calls, nor do I need to record an out-of-office message. People can continue to reach me, wherever I am.”
–Rhonda Anderson, President & CEO

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Product Options for Non-Profits

Hosted Phone Systems

Advanced call forwarding features and visual voicemail transcribed as email support your non-profit’s mobile workforce.

Explore Business Phone Systems

Unified Communications

Staff and volunteers can collaborate quickly via chat, audio and video conferencing, and more with an easy-to-use tool that works across devices.

Explore the Unified Communications App

Managed WiFi

Deploy a private LAN for employees and public WiFi for volunteers and guests. We’ll manage it for you.

Explore Managed WiFi

Secure Networking

Simplify network management. Use bandwidth more efficiently to reduce access costs without sacrificing application performance.

Explore Managed Security

High-Speed Internet

Choose from affordable, high-speed access technologies, available nationwide. Connect staff and power guest WiFi, point-of-sale, streaming video and more.

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Microsoft Productivity Tools

Provide office staff with Microsoft 365 productivity tools while safeguarding business data and assets across devices.

Explore Microsoft 365

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