Contact Center as a Service

Deliver a superior customer experience across communication channels.

Connect with Customers the Way They Want

Improve your customer experience while reducing costs, with Contact Center solutions from Fusion Connect.

Choose from two advanced Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offerings that have feature-rich, end-to-end, and omnichannel capabilities.

With rapidly changing work environments, businesses need:

  • Flexibility to deploy, scale and work from anywhere
  • Functionality from basic ACD to Screen Recording, AI, and Omnichannel options
  • Security built-in for encryption and monitoring
  • Cost savings and ease of management

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Top Features of Fusion Connect CCaaS

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Proactively connect with current and prospective customers – tripling or quadrupling connect rates over manual dialing.

Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD)

Route inbound calls to agents based on caller data, IVR selection, business hours, and agent skills to optimize each caller’s experience.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create IVR call routing flows for a better customer experience.



All-in-one digital customer engagement solution that includes popular messaging apps, SMS, social media channels, and chatbots.

AI-Powered Self Service

AI-Powered Self Services

Help your customers with powerful voice and digital self-service tools, resulting in better experiences and lower costs.

Maximum Reliability

Maximum Reliability

A 100% uptime service level agreement on the CCaaS component. Must purchase the Advanced license.





Service Now

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Teams



Contact Center Service Offerings

Fusion Connect offers two powerful contact center services to meet today’s business needs. Add internet, voice, and collaboration platforms, for a complete solution from one provider – making billing and vendor management easier on you.

  CCaaS Professional Plus CCaaS Advanced
Agent & Supervisor Seats
Auto Attendant
Automatic Call Distribution
Call Queues



Interactive Voice Response
Real-time Dashboards
Business Intelligence
Salesforce Integration
60+ Out-of-Box Integrations
80+ AppConnect Partners
Mood Sentiment
Guardian Standard – Native Security Solution
API – Studio Functions
100% Uptime SLA
Custom Reports & Dashboards
All APIs

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Optional Add-Ons for the CCaaS Offerings

screenshot of call center management

Workforce Management

Optimize staffing and automate scheduling for greater operational efficiency. Intuitive, easy to use, and designed for the modern, work from anywhere, workforce.

screenshot of call center speech analytics

Speech Analytics

Leverage AI and machine learning to extract actionable insights from every customer interaction. Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your customer experience.

screenshot of call center screen recording

Screen Recording

Capture agents’ desktop activity during calls. Let synchronized playback of voice and screen recordings provide the context you need for a complete picture of every customer interaction.

screenshot of call center omnichannel


Reach out and respond to customers using their preferred communication channel: popular messaging apps, SMS, social media, surveys, and chatbots.

screenshot of call center quality management

Quality Management

Efficiently evaluate customer interactions and provide agents with actionable feedback.

screenshot of AI-powered guide

Helpful Guides

Help customers, and agents, with an AI-powered knowledge base.

Image of people on latop

PCI Payment

Easily and securely manage agent-assisted credit card transactions in a PCI-compliant environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About CCaaS

CCaaS stands for Contact Center as a Service. It’s a cloud-based platform businesses use to cost-effectively operate a highly reliable, feature-rich call center from anywhere.

CCaaS is calling or contact services operated remotely (via the cloud). Businesses purchase seat licenses for agents and supervisors, for sales, support, or other teams, but do not need to buy or maintain hardware or software. Employees can log-in to the system anywhere they have internet access.

Today’s CCaaS offerings are rich in features and packages that move the needle in engaging customers and your workforce.

  • Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD) – Routing inbound calls to agents based on caller data, IVR selection, skills or business hours.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Simply implement call flows without the need for coding.
  • Advanced Calling Features – Everything you expect from a call center, and more such as: Call and Device Routing, Call Transfers, Auto Transfer, Voicemail, Voicemail with Transcription, Activity Logging, Contact Display, and Call Quality Feedback.
  • Dashboards – Get real-time, live views of agent performance against your key metrics and service level agreements.
  • Mobile Agents – Your agents and reps can handle inbound and outbound calls anytime, anywhere, giving your flexibility with after-hours or part-time staffing options.
  • Workforce Management – Automate agent schedules and optimize your staffing for greater efficiency.
  • Administrative Capabilities - For number provisioning, role-based user permissions and user management, ring group management, and call recording.
  • Omnichannel - Empower your agents to move seamlessly between channels to best serve your customers. Agents engage your customers in a variety of ways: phone, chatbots, SMS text, social media, email, and over popular messaging Apps.
  • Artificial Intelligence – With an AI-powered knowledge base, customers and agents can quickly find the answers they seek.
  • Integration - Streamline communications and information flow across your business by integrating your CCaaS with your CRM platform.
  • CSAT SMS Surveys – Measure CSAT and customers sentiment via SMS and customer mood surveys.
  • Reporting APIs – Gather real-time and historical contact center interaction data, and incorporate it into any reporting systems.

By using a CCaaS, the technology is future-proof, easy to deploy, scalable to your business needs, and maintained by Fusion Connect.

Flexibility & Functionality

Contact Centers as a Service are future-proof. As technology evolves for AI, Omnichannel, or other new areas, so can your service – helping you stay competitive in your industry.

Advanced features can be deployed quickly across your business locations, and having it cloud-hosted means you minimize the risk of disruptions. It’s always-on wherever there is an internet connection. Should call volume increase, you can add agents quickly with licensing, no additional hardware or infrastructure required.

Security Benefits

Protect your business and customers against data breach with the built-in security features of Fusion Connect CCaaS. These include continuous Intrusion Detection systems, layers of User Authentication and Privilege, internal traffic and server monitoring, and user-controlled data encryption in storage and in transit.

Financial Benefits

Running your own on-premises contact center means you need to think about not only maintaining equipment, but financing for technology upgrades and future growth. Alleviate the worry and reduce capital expenses by using our hosted service.

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