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Unlimited VoIP Faxing, From Anywhere

Fusion Fax Pro - VoIP Faxing

Convenient to Use and Administer

Fusion Fax is the flexible and cost-effective fax solution for today’s digital-first world. Rich administration and monitoring tools make it easy to manage.

Get unlimited users and faxing for one low price. Login to the fax portal wherever you have Internet access to send, receive, and organize your fax messages. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Fusion Fax Product Sheet

Simplify Faxing with Modern Features

Fast Fax Communications

Faster Communication

Respond to faxes from suppliers, customers, and others in seconds. Time-consuming paper jams and busy signals are a thing of the past.

Organized Faxes

Greater Document Visibility

No more lost faxes or misplaced orders. Fusion Fax tracks every fax, incoming and outgoing. You’ll know what was sent when and who received it.

Searchable Fax Archive

Total Document Access

Fusion Fax creates a comprehensive and searchable fax archive. From your web browser you can sort and search faxes.

VoIP Faxing Is Always On

Always On

Internet faxing means 24/7 availability. Access via your web browser at any time from any place in the world.

Save Money with Fax Pro

Cost Savings

Eliminate the cost of hardware, paper, ink, and analog phone lines used by traditional fax machines. No fee per transmission. Just one low, predictable price.


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