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Reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity to fit your business bandwidth needs.

Wireless Business Broadband

Connectivity. Anywhere.

Fusion Connect Wireless services internet services deliver a range of speeds to your business anywhere in the U.S. Flexible and fast to deploy, Fusion Connect provides versatile access speeds 10 Gbps.

Whether your business is in a hard to reach rural location, or you need a redundant or managed failover solution to existing internet service, Fusion Connect has your access covered.

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Benefits of Fusion Wireless Access Services

Versatile Service

Versatile Service

Available for use in remote areas, as a temporary service, as a quick-start service when you need to get up and running fast, or as backup to your wireline service.

Easy Install, Expert Support

Easy Install, Expert Support

Fast, easy self-installation service. Proactive monitoring and expert U.S.-based tech support included, available 24/7/365.

Vendor Consolidation

Vendor Consolidation

Alleviate the complex challenges associated with managing multi-vendor environments across locations.

Wireless Broadband

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Flexible, Affordable, Quick-Start Connectivity

Wireless Broadband delivers high-speed wireless Internet service through a wireless local area network (WLAN) or wide area network (WAN). The fully managed and secure service requires minimal equipment and wiring, making it flexible and fast to deploy.

Delivering to any location in the U.S., Fusion Connect provides all the necessary equipment with your Wireless Broadband service, including a choice of two wireless modem options:

  • The Feeney Skyus DS for stand-alone Wireless Broadband
  • The CradlePoint 850 for a combined solution with Managed WiFi service

Wireless Broadband is a Good Fit For:

  • Remote locations where wireline services are unavailable
  • As a quick-start service while waiting for your primary broadband connection to be installed
  • For temporary locations, like construction offices and pop-up shops
  • Managed failover solution for your existing Internet service

What is Wireless Broadband Internet Access?

Speeds from 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps or more

Fully managed and secure, Wireless Broadband delivers high-speed wireless Internet service to any location in the U.S. Fusion provides all of the necessary equipment with your Wireless Broadband service. When part of a failover solution, we manage and monitor the network to ensure it is working optimally for your business.

  • Minimal equipment and wiring required
  • 100% coverage for your business location(s)
  • Affordable backup to primarily wireline services
  • Pooled, non-pooled, and failover pricing plans available
  • Supports multiple users per site
  • Low-cost pricing starts at $26/mo.

Fixed Wireless

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A Reliable Alternative to Cable Technology

Fixed Wireless can be a good solution for companies in rural areas. It’s also widely used in metropolitan areas by organizations looking to either scale their dedicated network between sites, or needing a managed failover solution.

Fusion Connect offers internet access over fixed wireless microwave technology from 500+ fixed wireless providers in all 50 states. Two classes of service are available:

  • Enterprise-Class Fixed Wireless is dedicated access with a service level agreement of 99.9% availability and speeds up to 10x10 Gbps.
  • Business-Class Fixed Wireless is a shared connection, with speeds up to 50x10Mbps. Customers typically experience 99.5% availability.

Fixed Wireless is a Good Fit For:

  • Hospitals or other organizations with several locations in a single metro area who want a dedicated connection between sites
  • Retailers wanting redundancy for their existing wired access
  • Businesses located where wirelines are not available, such as for rural internet access
  • Companies that have unreliable or limited bandwidth with their physical wired connections

What is Fixed Wireless Internet Access?

Speeds up to 10x10 Gbps

Fixed Wireless is the operation of wireless devices to connect two fixed locations with a radio or other wireless link. It’s point-to-point “line of sight.” Fixed Wireless is the equivalent of a T1 connection for accessing the internet or to transfer data between two locations.

A Fixed Wireless solution is often a cost-effective alternative to leasing fiber or installing cables between buildings. Businesses use Fixed Wireless as transport bandwidth or dedicated Internet access. Bandwidth speeds reach 10x10 Gbps.

Radio frequencies range from 900 mhz to 80 ghz using licensed, light licensed and unlicensed bands. Fixed Wireless customers work with property owners, and abide by zoning and municipal ordinances, to get approval before installation can begin.

While many organizations only consider a fixed wireless solution when no physical wired network is available, there are several good reasons to look at fixed wireless. One reason is that companies may have a wired, but unreliable connection. Another is that the physical wired connection only provides limited bandwidth. Fixed Wireless is also a contender as a redundant or managed failover solution to existing internet service.


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Redundant Communications Bandwidth for Business

For businesses in rural areas where traditional wired internet is not available, or as a backup to an existing circuit, Satellite Internet is a great connectivity option.

Fusion Connect offers unlimited usage plans to meet your internet performance and speed requirements. Plans include everything needed, hardware included, to get connected fast (usually 8-10 business days). Featured Satellite Business Internet Plans include:

  • Unlimited 35 Plan has a data usage threshold of 75 GB and speeds up to 4x35 Mbps
  • Unlimited 60 Plan has a data usage threshold of 150 GB, and speeds up to 4x60 Mbps
  • Unlimited 100 Plan has a data usage threshold of 200 GB and speeds up to 4x100 Mbps

Satellite is a Good Fit For:

  • Companies with operations in areas where no physical wired internet network is available
  • Locations where wired connections are available, but unreliable
  • Standard broadband has very limited bandwidth availability
  • Customers looking for a redundant failover connection in case of emergencies

What is Satellite Internet Service?

Speeds from 35 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Satellite internet service is internet access through communications satellites. Performance and satellite internet speeds depend on latency, interference, and line of sight. Since satellite communications are affected by moisture (rain or snow interference), a clear line of sight between the dish and the satellite is typically required for optimal performance. Under perfect conditions, this accounts for approximately 550 milliseconds of latency round-trip time.

Satellite Internet generally relies on three primary components:

  • A satellite, typically in geostationary orbit (sometimes referred to as a geosynchronous Earth orbit or GEO)
  • Ground stations known as gateway that relay internet data to and from the satellite over radio waves (microwave)
  • A small antenna at the subscriber’s location, often a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) dish antenna with a transceiver.

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